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Outdoor Activity Tourism Worth £601m - 29/04/2014
The importance of the outdoor sector to the Welsh economy has been underlined in a recently published report, The Economic Impact of Outdoor Activity Tourism in Wales.

Commissioned by Visit Wales, the Miller Research report headline figure of £601 million total expenditure, accounts for 12%* of the overall Welsh tourism expenditure and supports 8,243 jobs.

In terms of added value - economic impact accounting for people living in Wales - it is 10% of the £3.1 bn added value figure for the Welsh tourism economy.

A key finding was activity tourism is a relatively high value tourist activity. Analysis showed that when walkers (includes hill walking) are excluded the average gross spend per visitor is approximately £106, compared to £50 when included.

Looking beyond its economic impact, activity tourism is linked to numerous priority policy agendas of the Welsh Government.

Based on total tourism expenditure according to Welsh Government figures.
Review of Access for Outdoor Recreation in Wales - 16/01/2014
A green paper consultation on access and outdoor recreation in Wales is due out very soon. It will explore the headline question of: “Is it necessary to change legislation in this area, and if so, what should be changed?

Potentially, this could have the biggest impact on how the outdoors is used for recreation, education and adventure tourism, since the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CRoW) 2000 was introduced.
Rubbish Walk, Paddle and Swim - 27/11/2013
Loving our Lake are inviting local residents and businesses to join them for a Llyn Padarn ‘rubbish walk, paddle and swim’ on Sunday 1st December at 2 p.m.

Meeting at Surf-Lines, the plan is to remove as much rubbish as possible from in and around the lake. Those attending will have the chance to use a Surf-Lines canoe or the brave can endure a supported swim as part of the tidy-up.

By the end of the afternoon, litter-pickers will have earned their complimentary glass of wine, courtesy of Barefoot Wine.
Invite to Environmental Charter Group Meetings - 30/10/2013
The North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group (NWEOCG) is holding three meetings across the region during November. Open to all, it is aimed at group members as well as anyone interested in engaging with or joining the group.

Each evening will include area specific updates, a look at the future work of the NWEOCG and a group discussion on issues and opportunities.

A free copy of the recently produced Sea Kayaking in Wales DVD, with a focus on minimising wildlife disturbance, will be available to pick-up at the meetings.
Economic Value of Outdoor Activity Tourism - 06/08/2013
Visit Wales has commissioned research to look at the contribution of outdoor activity tourism to the Welsh economy.  

The study needs the help and support of outdoor activity providers, as well as participants, if a sufficiently robust evidence base is to be produced that demonstrates the economic importance of the sector to decision makers.

This research has the potential to justify and influence future support for outdoor activity tourism and ultimately help the sector in achieving its potential.   

If you are an outdoor activity business in Wales or somebody who has recently undertaken such an activity, either independently or as part of an organised course or session, then you have the opportunity to contribute to this research by completing an online survey.

The quality of the analysis is heavily dependent on the level of sector engagement, so spare a few minutes to answer the questions and help the outdoor activity sector [Deadline extended to Friday October 18th.]
North Wales Outdoor Sector Branding - 12/06/2013
In 2012 Tourism Partnership North Wales (TPNW) commissioned Pearlfisher to create a brand identity to help firmly establish north Wales as the UK destination for outdoor activities.

Pearlfisher’s task was to define a unique, compelling and ownable brand positioning for the north Wales outdoor sector and the numerous businesses within it.

Building bridges not fences was seen as a key factor in an overall strategic approach. Within the sector it was recognised as being important to develop partnerships based on a single brand positioning message.

It was considered critical to: "Outwardly offer a warm welcome that helps people experiment with adventure on their terms and embrace technology making navigation intuitive at both on & off-line touch-points."

Click-through for Pearlfisher's conclusion and recommendations.
Call for Outdoor Activity Providers - 08/04/2013
The Outdoor Tourism Project is looking to procure the services of outdoor activity providers to help deliver a range of exciting taster/development and coaching sessions to Gwynedd and Conwy residents. A wide range of activities are being considered for inclusion such as kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, a family adventure day and mine exploration.

The activity sessions are planned to run over the period June - October 2013 and the Project co-ordinators say: "We are keen to ensure that all outdoor activity providers are aware that we are looking to procure this work and that they have the opportunity to submit an expression of interest. The closing date for applications is 18th April."
Environmental Outdoor Charter Group - 14/11/2012
The North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group became a reality at its inaugural meeting chaired by the Group's newly appointed co-ordinator Catherine Miles. After introductions Catherine outlined why such a charter was felt to be necessary for north Wales and how similar organisations in Pembroke and south Wales worked. Currently, these two groups along with Snowdonia-Active, the umbrella organisation for the new charter group, sit alongside each other as part of the Wales Activity Tourism Organisation (WATO).

The meeting split into two discussion groups to broadly look at the priorities and scope of the charter. Useful input came from the statutory bodies in attendance such as the Countryside for Wales, Snowdonia National Park and Wales Environment Agency. A steering group was formed to take the charter forward.
Outdoor Charter Inaugural Meeting - 25/10/2012
Following the appointment of a part-time North Wales Outdoor Charter Group Co-ordinator, the inaugural meeting to form a steering group, will be held at The Heights in Llanberis on Monday 12th November at 7.00 p.m. The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to have an input into shaping the group’s core objectives.

It is envisioned that the North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group (NWEOCG) will provide a mechanism for the outdoor community to work together and ensure that activity venues across the region can continue to be used in a sustainable way.

Obviously not everyone will want or be able to be part of the steering group, but we hope a core group of interested people will come together and drive the project forward. Please email chartergroup@snowdonia-active.com before the event so we can gauge numbers for the meeting.
Outdoor Tourism Business Week - 02/10/2012
The Outdoor Tourism Business Roadshow is taking place during October for anyone running or planning to start an outdoor sector business in Gwynedd or Conwy. These four events aim to engage with businesses so as to understand the needs and issues facing the outdoor sector and in particular those that prevent their growth.

They will also provide an opportunity to find out more about the Outdoor Tourism Project and the available support that it can provide to local businesses, including that from the Welsh Government Regional Centre Service (Business Support Service).

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