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North Wales Outdoor Sector Branding

A new brand identity has been launched for the outdoor sector in north Wales, to help establish it as the destination for outdoor activity in the UK. The agency given the task of developing this positioning, Pearlfisher, arrived at: 'Heart of Adventure'.

They concluded that: “This statement celebrates your excellence in the outdoor sector, while pulling together your three brand differentiators; demonstrating your compact environment, your central location and the emotional importance of your cultural heritage.”

It is hoped that businesses involved with the sector will fly the flag promoting north Wales as the Heart of Adventure by placing the logo on their website and using it in their promotional material. A range of artwork (logos) in the six recommended colour variations and brand guidelines can be downloaded from heartofadventure.co.uk. Bilingual, Welsh and English versions are available.

After being appointed by Tourism Partnership North Wales, Pearlfisher analysed the sector in detail and visited key destinations within the region talking to stakeholders. They were left with the impression of a sector that suffers an identity crisis; inwardly steeped in the politics of a thousand voices and outwardly lacking a clear identity, focusing on its competitors rather than its consumers.

Pearlfisher described north Wales position as: "The only outdoor adventure destination that provides both dabblers and daredevils with a unique, culturally rich and central location. It is home to a variety of quality activities all in one place that are facilitated by experts with passion."

Chris Wright, Snowdonia-Active CEO, said: "In north Wales we have had to sit-by and watch as other regions have variously asserted themselves as the 'Outdoor Capital' or 'Adventure Capital' of the UK. With this new brand position, north Wales' outdoor sector businesses finally have a marketing tool that allows us to shout about our rightful place as the best UK destination for outdoor activities."

Mr Wright added: "This latest piece of work clearly demonstrates TPNW's ongoing commitment to the outdoor sector and the value that it brings to the rural economy. It has been good to see businesses already getting behind Heart of Adventure in their 2013 marketing material. Snowdonia-Active are exploring opportunities to take the new brand out to potential visitors on a national and international level."

Pearlfisher's final report can be downloaded here. The photos and layouts at the end of the report simply show some of the thinking along the way to the finished design shown above.

Topic: Heart of Adventure, North Wales, Calon Antur.

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