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I-Spy a Mammal in Snowdonia

The important info to record is what, where and when, i.e. what you saw, where you saw it (6-fig grid ref if possible) and when you saw it. Then submit the recording along with your contact details. A downloadable recording form is available (click here).

Further downloadable details on recommended methods of recording information and details of species can be found in our document library (click here) in the Mammal Survey section.

Cofnod also run monthly training workshops, which in the main take the form of guided recording walks. Kate Williamson, Park Biodiversity Co-ordinator, said: " There is no substitute for seeing field signs in-situ and learning from the experience of others."

Details of such future planned walks are given below. Contact Kate Williamson for further details: 01766 772255, 07900 267547 or Kate.Williamson@eryri-npa.gov.uk.

Guided walk Sat 24th March - Becky Groves - G.R. Sq12 SH7060
Guided walk Sun 1st April - Kate Williamson - G.R. Sq111 SH6000
Guided walk May* - Pauline Barber - G.R. Sq44 SH7540
Guided walk June* - Chris Hall - G.R. Sq39 SH8545
Guided walk Sun 1st July - Kate Williamson - G.R. Sq72 SH6525
Bat Walk August* - Chris Hall - TBA
Guided walk Sat 8th Sept - Jan Baylis - G.R. Sq93 SH8515
Guided walk Sun 14th Oct - Jan Baylis - G.R. Sq74 SH7525
Guided walk November* - Pauline Barber - G.R. Sq23 SH8050
* date to be confirmed

Topic: Wildlife in Snowdonia; Snowdonia Mammal Survey.

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