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  Plas Curig - Boutique Hostel
16/04/2012 Hostels aimed at outdoor users are traditionally well-known for their functionality rather than their luxury. But Plas Curig in Snowdonia is one of a growing number of accommodation providers that is set to change all that. It is a premium budget hostel billed as the only 5-star hostel in Wales and recently featured in The Guardian as the UK's poshest hostel.
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Snowdonia Running Guides and Landscape Walks
04/09/2008  are two new outdoor focused businesses sharing a love of Snowdonia but appreciating its special qualities at very differing paces. Mountain running and geotourism have both recently experienced a growth in interest. So if you are a novice or fully-fledged fell runner looking to take to the hills, or wished you knew more about how Snowdonia's landscape was formed, you should check out these businesses
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Document Library
The library contains documents available for download which may be of interest to users of this site.

About Snowdonia-Active

  • Adventure Travel & Sports Show, London, Jan. 2004 3382kb 3/1/2004 17:6
    Show report

  • Snowdonia-Active Portfolio 2007 3010kb 3/3/2007 17:12
    The portfolio captures who and what drives Snowdonia-Active, our commitment to the sector and to the region. It highlights our capacity to initiate and drive innovative projects in support of the sector and the potential for future developments to contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the region.

  • North Wales Outdoor Charter 14751kb 19/5/2012 14:8
    North Wales Outdoor Charter. A Power Point presentation by Chris Hooper at the 2012 Outdoor North Wales Forum in Llanwrst.

  • Access to Inland Water

  • Approaches to Water-Based Recreation 983kb 22/4/2007 15:56
    CCW Approaches to Water-Based Recreation

  • Glaslyn Access Arrangement 205kb 8/6/2008 14:55
    Map and details of the new access arrangement on the upper Glaslyn. The National Trust (NT) as a major landowner along the upper Glaslyn from Llyn Gwynant to the bottom of the Aberglaslyn Gorge has recently drawn up an arrangement to this stretch of water, following discussions with the Glaslyn Fishing Association, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Environment Agency (EA).

  • Antur

  • Antur Issue 2: English 1895kb 13/4/2009 17:19
    The news source for the outdoor sector in North West Wales.

  • Antur Rhifyn 2: Cymraeg 1886kb 13/4/2009 17:20
    Newyddion ar gyfer sector awyr agored Gogledd Orllewin Cymru.

  • BMC Cymru Newsletters

  • BMC Cymru Newsletter: Winter 2008 1428kb 3/10/2008 9:52
    The latest update for hill-walkers and climbers from the British Mountaineering Council Cymru.

  • BMC Cymru Newsletter August 2009 2074kb 19/7/2009 11:15
    Round-up of news and dates for the diary from BMC Cymru.

  • BMC Cymru Newsletter November 2010 854kb 30/10/2010 15:21
    The latest newsletter prior to the final BMC Cymru meeting of 2010 that includes the AGM.

  • Coasteering

  • Draft Membership Criteria for NCC (2011) 263kb 18/4/2012 10:12
    National Coasteering Charter membership criteria - draft 2011

  • NCC Meeting: Outcomes and Minutes - Nov 2011 295kb 18/4/2012 10:14
    Minutes of National Coasteering Charter meeting - Nov 2011 (Filton, Bristol)

  • Base Level Skills and Compentencies Coasteering 162kb 18/4/2012 10:16
    Base Level Skills and Compentencies for Coasteering Guides - Version Final Draft 2010.

  • Best Practice Safety Guidance Coasteeirng 204kb 18/4/2012 10:22
    Best Practice Safety Guidance for Coasteeirng Providers Oct 2010

  • Courses and Seminars

  • 2008 Paddling Clinics 33kb 5/1/2008 14:24
    North Wales community paddle sport coaches are organising useful clinics, training opportunities, support, mentoring and assessment opportunities for anyone wishing to become involved in or further their coaching and leading experience within their clubs.

  • Gorges in North Wales 165kb 12/1/2008 19:1
    Please complete this invitation form if you are interested in attending the 'Gorges in North Wales - Reconciling Conservation and Recreation' seminar at Plas y Brenin on 9th April 2008.

  • Marine Alien Species 294kb 11/1/2014 16:14
    A training session to help instructors to learn about marine invasive alien species, how to minimise the spread and how as a community they can contribute vital data.

  • Entry Forms

  • Junior Runners Snowdonia Marathon Day '06 991kb 20/8/2006 18:13
    Entry form for the Snowdonia Marathon under-18 races on 29th October '06.

  • Beacon Back to School Comp 38kb 26/7/2008 14:30
    Entry form for The Beacon's Back to School Bouldering Competition.

  • 5th N Wales Junior Mountain Running Champs 476kb 22/7/2011 16:55
    Downloadable entry form (English) for the 5th North Wales Junior Mountain Running Championships.

  • 5th N. Wales Junior Mountain Running Champs 460kb 22/7/2011 16:57
    Downloadable entry form (Cymraeg) for the 5th North Wales Junior Mountain Running Championships.

  • Green Key

  • Green Key response 587kb 21/4/2003 18:28
    Snowdonia-Active's influential response to the Green Key proposals.

  • Snowdonia Green Key Initiative Executive Summary 237kb 7/9/2005 14:39
    The latest from the Snowdonia Green Key Initiative September 2005 - Executive Summary

  • Snowdonia Green Key Initiative Strategy & Plan 32kb 2/5/2009 7:47
    The Latest from the Snowdonia Green Key Initiative September 2005 - Full Report

  • Information

  • Y Ffowndri Skills Area 1190kb 13/7/2013 11:40
    Leaflet guide to the Y Ffowndri Skills Area at Coed y Brenin.

  • Mammal Survey

  • Mammal Survey Recording Form 61kb 1/2/2007 17:31
    Form to submit for Snowdonia Mammal Atlas.

  • Common Species Protocol 1526kb 1/2/2007 17:40
    The more easily recorded species.

  • Recommended Survey Methods 56kb 1/2/2007 17:44
    Details on recommended survey method for each species.

  • Species List 34kb 1/2/2007 17:48
    List of mammal species.

  • National Trust

  • Ambassador Business Charter 327kb 9/1/2012 13:15
    "A guide to help properties work more affectively [sic] with activity providers."

  • Invitation to Outdoor Activity Providers 21kb 9/1/2012 14:54
    Invitation to Outdoor Activity Providers to meet with representatives of the National Trust in Wales from Jonathan Hughes.


  • Incident Report Form (Eng) 2008 34kb 11/10/2008 22:14
    Incident report form to report unlawful off-roading.

  • Incident Report Form (Cym) 2008 39kb 11/10/2008 22:17
    Incident report form to report unlawful off-roading.

  • NWAIMOR Supporters Form (Eng) 35kb 11/10/2008 22:20
    Form to join NWAIMOR as an individual supporter or affiliated group and receive updates.

  • NWAIMOR Supporters Form (Cym) 39kb 11/10/2008 22:21
    Form to join NWAIMOR as an individual supporter or affiliated group and receive updates.

  • NWAIMOR Terms of Reference (Cym & Eng) 36kb 11/10/2008 22:25
    Details of NWAIMOR's aims and endeavours.

  • NWAIMOR Newsletter Nov 2008 (Eng) 46kb 11/10/2008 22:30
    November 2008 newsletter for supporters of NWAIMOR.

  • NWAIMOR Newsletter Nov 2008 (Cym). 59kb 11/10/2008 22:31
    November 2008 newsletter for supporters of NWAIMOR.

  • OS 2003

  • Outdoors Show 2003 732kb 23/4/2003 13:21
    The 2003 Outdoors Show Report

  • Outdoor Charter

  • Proposal for The North Wales Environmentl Outdoor 3159kb 19/5/2012 16:0
    The North Wales Charter Group is wholly and exclusively interested in the environmental sustainability of outdoor activity use venues within the geographical boundary that is north Wales; this includes working towards and ensuring continued, or improving, access to these venues.

  • NWEOCG Minutes Nov '12 73kb 14/10/2012 11:5
    Minutes from the inaugural meeting of the North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group held on November 12th 2012.

  • Outdoor Learning Cards

  • Outdoor Learning Card (Bouldering) B8 1315kb 19/4/2009 21:51
    An example of one of fifty Outdoor Learning Cards produced by the Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel.

  • Outdoor Learning Card (Orienteering) O8 3517kb 19/4/2009 21:56
    An example of one of fifty Outdoor Learning Cards produced by the Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel.

  • Outdoor Tourism Project

  • Conwy Outdoor Activity Sessions 1409kb 16/7/2012 15:5
    If you live in Conwy The Outdoor Tourism Project is offering the chance to try something different with a series of free taster sessions and the opportunity to develop your skills further through a number of development programmes.

  • Development Programmes 298kb 9/3/2013 11:0
    Outdoor Tourism Project 2013 Activity Programme

  • Application Form 694kb 9/3/2013 11:2
    Application form to provide activities for the Outdoor Tourism Project 2013

  • Specification of Activities to Procure 285kb 9/3/2013 11:4
    List of activities that the Outdoor Tourism Project wishes to include i their activity programme for 2013.

  • Projects

  • N.W. Wales Outdoor Recreation Partnership Strategy 263kb 17/8/2004 13:56
    The North West Wales Outdoor Recreation Partnership strategy exploring ways of widening access to outdoor recreation by local people in the region.

  • Strategaeth Partneriaeth Hamdden Awyr Agored 197kb 25/8/2004 16:26
    Strategaeth Partneriaeth Hamdden Awyr Agored Gogledd Orllewin Cymru sy'n trafod ffyrdd o ehangu mynediad i hamdden awyr agored gan bobl leol y rhanbarth.

  • Bas Data Hyfforddwyr Cymareg/Welsh Instructors 69kb 9/11/2005 11:56
    Ffurflen gais i ymuno bas data o hyfforddwyr gweithgareddau awyr agored ddwyieithog Application form for data base of Welsh speaking outdoor instructors.

  • Reconciling Conservation and Recreation

  • North Wales White Guide (lo-res English) 1111kb 15/11/2011 12:40
    An informative booklet to help winter climbers minimise any potential impact their activities might have on the rare plant life found on some of the more popular venues for the axes and crampons brigade.

  • North Wales White Guide (lo-res Welsh) 1106kb 15/11/2011 12:42
    An informative booklet to help winter climbers minimise any potential impact their activities might have on the rare plant life found on some of the more popular venues for the axes and crampons brigade.

  • Reports

  • Action Plan for the Countryside Experience 1581kb 11/7/2004 16:29
    WTB Final report, July 2004

  • Sport and Active Recreation in Wales 318kb 10/8/2004 12:19
    Climbing Higher - Sport and Active Recreation in Wales. The first Welsh Assembly Government strategy for sport and active recreation, which sets out its strategic direction in Wales for the next twenty years.

    The Review of the Welsh National Park Authorities commenced in March 2003,and was undertaken by external consultants, Land Use Consultants with Arwel Jones Associates. The Review focussed on four key areas - the role of the Park Authorities; how they might do more to promote sustainable development; how social inclusion issues could be addressed more successfully; and how links and accountability to the local communities could be strengthened.

  • National Parks Sustainable Tourism Initiative 2612kb 7/9/2005 15:1
    A consultation for the development of sustainable tourism throught the National Parks of Wales. Draft - July 2005

  • New Branding for North Wales Outdoor Sector 2134kb 6/11/2012 18:45
    The final report from Pearlfisher on the positioning of the North Wales Outdoor Sector (December 2012).

  • Research

  • The Active Economy 835kb 15/8/2008 9:51
    The Value of Adventurous Outdoor Activities to North West Wales

  • Yr Economi Bywiol 960kb 21/3/2004 12:33
    Gwerth Gweithgareddau Awyr Agored Antur i Ogledd Orllewin Cymru

  • Snowdonia based cross-sector bookings 462kb 11/9/2004 15:27
    Feasibility study commissioned by the Wales Tourist Board into the establishment of a Snowdonia based cross-sector bookings structure for the outdoor sector

  • TIC Feasibility Study 647kb 20/9/2004 12:42
    Feasibility Study commissioned by the Wales Tourist Board into specialist outdoor activity information provision, with focus on Eryri

  • Flowchart of Tourism Services - 2005 56kb 18/9/2005 15:56
    A flowchart that provides a snapshot of marketing services on offer to outdoor activity businesses in North West Wales.

  • WTB Accreditation Flowchart 304kb 18/9/2005 17:8
    A flowchart that helps you make an informed decision regarding WTB Accreditation - Would it help your business or not? Follow through the flowchart and decide.

  • North Wales Outdoor Sector Vision & Action Plan 3519kb 2/11/2009 17:28
    Work commissioned by Tourism Partnership North Wales to prepare a new vision and Action Plan for the Outdoor Sector in North Wales. The focus of the work is threefold: 1. Market review and assessment of the outdoor activity sector; 2. Preparation of a refreshed and challenging vision for the outdoor sector in North Wales 3. Development of a deliverable Action Plan for the sector, focusing on a)Product development, b)Promotion c)Marketing and People development.

  • Mountain Emergency 671kb 18/6/2013 12:23
    Summary of research by a Mountain Medicine student at Ysbyty Gwynedd, looking at the awareness among hill users, of the correct procedure for calling out the emergency services, to locations that are inaccessible by road.

  • Economic Impact of Outdoor Activity Tourism 1515kb 29/3/2014 11:57
    The findings of a report commissioned by Visit Wales to place a monetary value on the outdoor activity tourism sector in Wales. The research was undertaken by Miller Research in partnership with the Wales Activity Tourism Organisation (WATO).

  • SA Information Leaflets (PDFs)

  • Climbing & Bouldering in Snowdonia 632kb 24/4/2004 17:35
    Sample leaflet in new SA PDF series

  • Snowdonia National Park

  • LDP Site Submission Form 139kb 26/0/2007 12:48
    Form to submit a potential site to be considered for development through the Snowdonia National Park's Local Development Plan.

  • Assessment Criteria for Potential Sites 53kb 26/0/2007 12:54
    Sites will be assessed firstly to test if they are suitable and capable of being developed and secondly if they are compatible with the emerging Local Development Plan strategy.

  • SNPA Recreation Strategy 2012 - 17 11942kb 27/2/2012 10:31
    Snowdonia National Park Authority Draft Recreation Strategy for consultation.

  • Traffic Noise Survey

  • Traffic Noise Survey 202kb 29/0/2008 19:7
    Bi-lingual survey to find out what effects the noise of traffic has on people's experience of the countryside in Snowdonia National Park.

  • What's On

  • 'Stiniog Outdoor Activities Weekend 927kb 11/7/2008 15:59
    A weekend of outdoor activities on offer (mostly free) around Blaenau Ffestiniog.

  • 2009 Condry Festival Programme 1173kb 10/8/2009 15:31
    The second annual Condry Festival - Nature and Outdoor Writing at its Finest.

  • Condry Festival Programme 2010 87kb 7/8/2010 15:35
    A day long celebration of nature and outdoor writing in honour of Bill Condry taking place at The Tabernacle, Machynlleth, on Saturday 16th October.

  • N.Wales Cycling Centre of Excellence 377kb 8/2/2012 15:51
    North Wales cycling centre of excellence business engagement seminars.

  • Skills Active Outdoor Adventure Consultation 114kb 14/9/2013 13:8
    An interactive consultation event organised by SkillsActive. three main items on the agenda: National Occupational Standards "Outdoor Programmes", Wales SASW Apprenticeship Level 3 Framework "Outdoor Programmes" and Open Forum Discussion with Sector Employers/Providers.

  • Outdoor North Wales Forum 2014 99kb 30/0/2014 12:36
    A free event that brings together a broad cross-section of organisations and businesses involved with the outdoor sector.

  • Work at Height letters

  • Work at Height letter 74kb 26/2/2004 12:51
    English version

  • Llythyr Gweithio o Uchder 81kb 26/2/2004 12:54
    Fersiwn Cymraeg

  • AAIAC response to HSE Work at Height 132kb 11/9/2006 11:1
    HSE are currently seeking comments from the sector regarding this consultation. If you agree with the AAIAC’s response to this consultation AAIAC would welcome organisations endorsement. If you would like to endorse this response, AAIAC would urge you to submit a short response to HSE outlining your endorsement. Responses to be submitted before 31st October 2006.