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Emmett's Extreme High Show - 02/04/2009

Tim Emmett is one of the UK’s top extreme sports athletes and this spring he will be setting off on a UK tour with his show ‘Extreme High’. North Wales has a chance to catch him on Thursday 2nd April at the The Rhyl Pavilion Theatre, 7.30 p.m. (Click here to book on-line).

Tim is a well-known personality in the climbing world and a high-performer in every sense of the word, on both rock and ice. He achieved a podium position three times in the Ice Climbing World Cup) and was a pioneer of deep water soloing (free-climbing a cliff above water). He has more recently become known for his ‘Para Alpinism’ – climbing a big mountain with a B.A.S.E. jumping rig and then literally throwing himself off from a suitable launch point, free-falling, then opening his canopy to touch back down.

Some of Tim's stand-out achievements include, free-climbing Kedar Dome, a 6840m peak in the Indian Himalaya; the first Para Alpine descent of Naranjo De Bulnes, a 2500m peak in the Picos de Europa of Northern Spain and achieving 6th place in the Ice Climbing World cup.

In ‘Extreme High’ Tim will be talking about his incredible life, giving the audience an insight into the mindset of an extreme sports athlete. A seasoned speaker, Tim’s lectures are as energy-charged as his life, using video footage, sound effects and images to provide a dramatic backdrop to his gripping stories. These stories include Tim B.A.S.E jumping from a 3000m rock face in Norway and ‘flying’ down with the use of a wing suit. Tim reached speeds of up to 250 m.p.h. with absolutely no petrol or CO2 emissions!

With numerous TV appearances, including an unforgettable race against Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson up France’s Verdon Gorge (Clarkson used a car, Tim speed-climbed and won) Tim is a polished performer. In fact, he’s as comfortable on screen as he is diving out of a plane at 12,000 feet. A heart-stopping insight into the adrenaline fuelled life of one of the UK’s most audacious extreme sports athletes.

Tim Emmett 09 lecture tour from Speakers from the Edge on Vimeo

Location: Rhyl Pavilion Theatre (01745 330 000)

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