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WCA Tidy River Idea - 23/06/2007 - 24/06/2007

On the weekend of the 23/24th June 2007 the Cardiff Canoe Show as part of the outdoor show, takes place in Cardiff bay. The show gives the public the chance to see paddlesport, meet the manufacturers, competitors and unlike other current shows, try canoeing for the first time.

At the same time, on that same weekend, on the Ogwen, local volunteers, mainly paddlers from Bangor are trying to remove rubbish by the skip load to make the “Oggy” nicer to be around. This is going to benefit everyone. You can help the Welsh Canoeing Association make this a Pan Wales initiative.

This could be organised by individuals or clubs, and isn’t limited to WCA members. If a club from anywhere in the UK can organise something in Wales then WCA will help in whatever way it can.

WCA has partnered with Keep Wales Tidy on this venture, KWT have various initiatives for cleaning up rivers, lakes and coasts. This may mean tools, skips or even winches are available to make your favourite bit of water shine! So here is the challenge:
  1. Either come to an existing event, and bring friends who haven’t paddled before
  2. Organise your own event with support from the WCA and Keep Wales Tidy
  3. Take a friend paddling and have a nice day
  4. Ideas for events so far include a “come and try it day”
  5. Time trial handicap bell boat race
  6. Dedicated river clean up
  7. Flat-water freestyle, touring trips, sea kayaking symposium, demonstration polo event…
Lets make this something for everyone, and lets be proud to paddle!

WCA has £3000 available to support the best ideas, and don’t forget the practical support from Keep Wales Tidy.

What does the WCA want back? One picture of the rubbish you removed sent to WCAphotosubmit@aol.com.

For more help taking your ideas forward for 23rd 24th June contact Ash on 01341 422692

Location: Afon Ogwen, North Wales

Organiser Email: cwmbychan@aol.com

More Info: www.canoewales.com/introduction.htm#

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