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Ed Drummond Presentation - 26/04/2007

Ed Drummond is one of rock climbing's stand-out colourful characters that make the activity much more than just sport. Forty-five years ago Ed found his salvation in climbing. He made his mark in the vertical world during the sixties with new routes which included A Dream of White Horses, T.Rex, Great Arete and Archangel. In 1970 he established the audacious Long Hope Route on the distant isle of Hoy and two years later climbed The Arch Wall on Norway's famous Troll Wall.

He is also a word-smith who has been described as an experimental performance poet. Who cannot have read his essay in Ken Wilson's Hard Rock about Cloggy's Great Wall and fail to recall the closing words: "Lovely Boy Crew. Arrow Climber. Wall Without End".

Drummond left the UK in 1992 after the death of his son and the breakdown of the United Nations Climb For The World – as well as his marriage. All of which became the theme of the BBC TV documentary ‘SHATTERED DREAM,’ directed by Simon Beaufoy. Now living in San Francisco, Snowdonia-Active has been lucky enough to get Drummond to visit North Wales while he his over in the U.K. on a lecture tour.

An author of two recent books, Endangered Species and Sounds of Life, he is now in the shadow of what he calls his "life-enhancing, regenerative disease" - Parkinson's. As POET FOR ALL SEASONS Drummond is exploring a role for the poet in the San Francisco Health Care community. This tour will likely be his last testimony in person to the climbing community.

Location: Caban, Brynrefail (end of Llyn Padarn) - tickets on the door £5.50 from 7pm

Organiser Email: info@snowdonia-active.com

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